“Why buy a Professional Workstation from GC?”
We think the answer is in a few simple words.
Quality, Detail, Simplicity, Commitment

We "Bench Build" and "Bench Test" each machine with a careful critical eye to ensure they are tuned perfectly and ready for the long haul under demanding workloads.

We also believe our customers will appreciate a simple “open book” business style that lays out all the pricing so it is easy to understand and that you know exactly what your money is paying for. We do not inflate our shipping rates or tack on any extra handling fees. We simply charge one flat rate (regardless of how you spec your machine) to cover our research, knowledge, time, care, and expertise that goes into building each one of our Professional Workstations.


GC performance is setting records!

Gruman Creations Professional Workstations are currently ranked #1 thru #6 in the 64bit OCUS Benchmark tests!

Olaf Corten, founder of www.ProESite.com and creator of the OCUS Benchmark has been closely aligned with PTC software products, and has been creating utilities and tests for use by PTC users for many years. Computer manufacturers and custom builders from around the world use the OCUS Benchmark to test their hardware performance and upload scores to be ranked among their peers. The OCUS Benchmark has created a level playing field for all system builders so that the Pro/E software runs and scores the same on every machine. The only remaining variable is the hardware itself. It is with great pride that GC is consistently in the Top10 on this worldwide benchmark scoresheet.

PTC, and Pro/E are copyrights of Parametric Technologies Corporation.

GC will not leave you hanging!

GC offers a (1) Year limited warranty on all of its Professional Workstations. This includes all of the originally installed components listed on the Specification Sheet at the time of delivery. We test every component to make sure it is in working order before it goes out our doors, and we want to make sure that the machine operates at the high performance level that our customers expect after it is delivered. If you (our customer) encounter any problems with the hardware installed in your Professional Workstation within your warranty period, we will do everything we can to get the problem resolved and make it right. For complete details of our warranty policies, please refer to our Warranty and Services documentation. Beyond this initial warranty period, all of our components are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty that you (our customer) can use to get replacement parts in the case of a long term hardware failure.

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