Thank you for visiting GrumanCreations.com. We have provided this page for the purpose of explaining our pricing structure so that you (our customer) will know exactly what to expect when you receive a Professional Workstation quote from Gruman Creations. We believe that it is in everyone’s best interest to share this information so that you know exactly what your money is paying for.

Component Parts:

Gruman Creations does not manufacture any of its computer components. We purchase all of our high quality, name-brand components from reputable suppliers. We take pride in our ability to offer competitive prices on all of our components, and we actually encourage our customers to compare our prices against our competitors. If you’re able to find a lesser price for any of our exact components, we will do our best to make it right with you. Please select options on our Configure Page with confidence. We are continually doing research so we can offer our customers the best possible price for high quality components.

Warranty: Flat Rate

GC offers a (1) Year limited warranty on all of its Professional Workstations. This includes all of the originally installed components listed on the Specification Sheet at the time of delivery. We test every component to make sure it is in working order before it goes out our doors, and we want to make sure that the machine operates at the high performance level that our customers expect after it is delivered. If you (our customer) encounter any problems with the hardware installed in your Professional Workstation within your warranty period, we will do everything we can to get the problem resolved and make it right. For complete details of our warranty policies, please refer to our Warranty and Services documentation. Beyond this initial warranty period, all of our components are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty that you (our customer) can use to get replacement parts in the case of a long term hardware failure.

CAC Standard Rate: (Custom Assemble and Configure) Flat Rate

This is our flat rate markup on all of our systems. This markup covers all of our research, testing, overheads, and time that it takes to put together a reliable, high performance GC Workstation. We take great care, and it is with great pride that we "Bench Build" and "Bench Test" our systems one at a time. We locate (and sometimes re-locate) components inside the case for maximum airflow, and we route and tie wires for a clean and simple look. It is our goal to make these machines look good inside and out. Bernie is our quality inspector. If it doesn’t pass his standards, it doesn’t go out the door.

CAC Volume Rate: (Custom Assemble and Configure) Flat Rate (-$100.00)

This is our rate for volume orders consisting of 5 (five) or more custom built GC Workstations with the exact same hardware specs. In the situation where you (our customer) may place a volume order that will lead to some time saving HD Cloning our assembly office, we are willing to pass that savings back to you.


Gruman Creations is a registered retailer in the state of Iowa, and therefore is required by law to charge the appropriate tax to any customer that has a shipping address within the state of Iowa, or who may pick up their machine from our place of business. If you have a shipping address outside the state of Iowa, Gruman Creations is not required to charge a state tax. Instead, the tax responsibilities for your state fall onto you (the customer). Please refer to a local tax professional for advice on your state tax responsibilities.


Shipping charges from our location to your shipping address will be added to the total system cost. Gruman Creations prefers to use FedEx for all our shipping needs. (www.FedEx.com) Our policy is to ship everything by standard ground transit and fully insured for the complete value of your customized GC Workstation. If you would like to see different shipping options, please make note of your requirements when requesting your quote.