About Bernie


Bernard M. Gruman

President, and Founder of Gruman Creations Inc.
Designer, Pro/E Specialist, Custom Computer Builder

Bernie grew up on a small acreage near Raymond, Iowa, where from the earliest times he can remember, spent countless hours in his dad’s machine shop watching, learning, and taking part in building some of the most unique, yet practical things a person can think of. After high school, he took some (drafting board) design, and entry level Computer-Aided Design (CAD)classes at a local tech school, and soon found himself with his first real design job. It was here that he was able to utilize his childhood knowledge and natural ability for three-dimensional thinking and apply it toward the plastics tooling industry. As a self-taught user of Pro/Engineer design software by PTC since 1995, he now specializes in complex part modeling including “A” surface modeling techniques. His specialties also include detailed plastic part design, casting design, tooling design, kinematics motion design, and utilizes "Top-Down" methods for large assembly management.

Through all the years of being a designer, Bernie has also been a computer hardware enthusiast and has earned the reputation of, “The local computer geek!” (Yes, he considers this a compliment.) Bernie has spent most of his years working for employers and clients on-site, but has also always maintained a CAD workstation at home so he could work overtime hours and on special projects remotely. In this way, he has been able to become an expert in not only the CAD software, but also in the hardware requirements necessary to make the software operate as fast as possible. From the older generation Pentium processors, to the latest in I7 processor technology, Bernie has been able to find the ultimate balance between performance and price. This has lead to the building of many custom workstations for employers, colleagues and friends. Bernie’s passion for complex design solutions and allowing the CAD tools to operate at peak efficiency makes these two aspects of Gruman Creations a perfect fit.

Bernie's Work History

One 3 Design Inc., (2000 – present day partnership) Pro/E Specialist. (Formerly: Surfacing Solutions Inc.)
Bernie has worked on numerous large projects for several different clients, specializing in complex surfacing and plastic part design including class “A” surfacing with Pro/E ASX, and ISDX. He has experience designing a full range of plastic components, from structural to cosmetic functionalities, using many different molding processes and materials. Bernie also has extensive experience in the areas of complex casting and sheet metal design. His knowledge and experience with tooling design, manufacturing processes, and his ability to work with others makes him a valuable resource on any project. Bernie also maintains Surfacing Solutions Pro/E system resources to ensure that we are meeting the expectations of our clients with our design hardware and Pro/E configuration standards.

Techstaff, (1997 – 2000) Pro/E Consultant.
Responsibilities included training assistance of an engineering team in the everyday use of Pro/E and assistance in the design of a complete parametric vehicle in the Pro/E environment. Specialized in vehicle fuel systems, frames, steps, platforms, hitches, and drawbars. Worked constantly with Design Engineers and Suppliers for part procurement and production capabilities. Also worked with Machine Operators, Stress and Analysis Engineers, Quality Engineers, and Vehicle Assembly Engineers. Other duties included prototype assembly supervision and general Pro/E trouble-shooting.

Mid-States Technical, (1996 – 1997) Design Associate.
Utilized Pro/E and Computer Vision (CADDS5) for component modeling and detailing to established client standards. Created part models, assemblies, and drawings for several large companies.

Hobson Bros. Aluminum Foundry and Mold Works, (1995 – 1996) Mold Designer.
Utilized Pro/E and Cadkey for mold modeling and detailing of both machined and cast aluminum molds. Also used Pro/E for complex surface modeling of mold surfaces, parting lines on plastic blow-molded and roto-molded parts. Worked closely with pattern makers, foundry workers, toolmakers, and CNC operators to ensure the mold quality met or exceeded customer needs.